Say Goodbye to the Old Fashioned Method of Auditing

Retail outlets are sometimes difficult to manage most especially if there are lots of branches in different locations. Learn more about the Foko Retail in this article. Click for more details about the Foko Retail software. View here if you want to know more info about a retail audit software.

You can also send photos and files to anyone in the team. If the information is sensitive, you can send the messages privately so not everyone can see what the message is all about. Moreover, you can leave comments on the photos so you can express your opinion about them. Within a short period of time, you can gather the information you need with the use of Foko Surveys. By conducting surveys, you can be able to determine the areas which needs more improvement. Furthermore, you can also organize the files such as the photos and documents. You can be able to access this application even if you are outside of your house. By using the application, the managers of the stores don’t have to visit the branches since they can monitor the situations through the photos and reports of the members.

You can even send files and documents to other team members with the help of this application. With the help of this application, visual merchandisers will save more time and energy. Gone are the days that auditors have to use the papers and pens just to check everything in the stores. The regional managers can be able to receive essential information about the products in a faster manner. A stronger rapport will be built if the field representatives will visit the stores at regular intervals. The team members can communicate well with each other with the help of this software.

The members of the team can discuss about the products which need to be developed so they can gain higher profits. If you are curious about Foko Retail software, you can request a demo so you can discover more about the provider’s capabilities. This application is highly recommended for the companies so the team members can be able to connect well and build rapport with each other. The store performance can be tracked since the members can report the issues to the supervisor.

The members don’t need to have a long term training about learning how to use this application since they just have to install it in their phones. This software is a great tool to achieve brand consistency so the company will make a good impression to their clients.